TLC Application Procedure

The application process required to receive a license to carry a handgun in the state of Texas is a fairly straight forward process. Step one for a first time application to receive a Texas license to carry is to submit an online application. At the same time the online application is submitted the applicant is also required to schedule an appointment to have his or her fingerprints recorded. The application will not be complete until the scheduled appointment to take the applicant’s fingerprints has transpired and the applicant’s fingerprints have been properly recorded.

Once the online application has been submitted, the applicant is then required to attend between 4 and 6 hours of classroom instruction on the proper use of a handgun as well as the best practices for handgun safety. This classroom instruction must be  taught by a certified Texas license to carry instructor. And upon completion of the classroom instruction, the applicant must successfully pass a written examination on the material covered in the 4 to 6 hours of classroom instruction as well as pass a proficiency demonstration which is essentially a marksmanship or actual shooting test.

Once the applicant has completed the classroom instruction and passed the exam, the instructor will provide the applicant with a certificate of training. This document is also referred to as a “CHL-100”. The applicant must then submit the CHL-100 to the Department of Public Services in order to finalize the application. It is important for the applicant to understand that the instructor will not submit this document on behalf of the applicant. Hopefully by this point in time the applicant’s fingerprinting appointment has already occurred and the applicant’s fingerprints have been officially recorded. Once this has happened, the applicant can then receive his or her license to carry a handgun in the state of Texas.