Finding Security in the Texas License to Carry

Many residents of the state of Texas have found security in the Texas license to carry laws. This security is based on the knowledge that when they carry a firearm on their person they will be able to defend themselves should they find themselves in a dangerous situation. For example, if a Texan who is licensed to carry a firearmĀ is watching a movie in a theater and an unbalanced person in the audience decides to shoot the place up, the Texan will be able to protect himself by shooting the unbalanced person. Not only will the Texan be able to protect himself, he will also be able to protect the rest of the audience and he will be able to rid the world of the unbalanced person to boot.


Just think of how different the world would be if every law abiding citizen carried a firearm with them when they went out into the public square. One could make a strong argument that the rate of crime would significantly decrease. In addition to this, these law abiding citizens would probably also enjoy a greater measure of personal security knowing that they would be able to protect themselves or others should the situation present itself.

Some might argue that the scenario just described might create a dangerous situation. That is, if everyone is carrying firearms in the public square there is a greater chance that innocent people will be shot accidentally. Of course this is a possibility as it has happened in past situations although not to the extent the anti-gun rights lobby might present the facts to represent. As with all things, the answer lies somewhere in the middle where the reasonable, law abiding people naturally reside. And these are the people who should be licensed to carry in the state of Texas.