Packing Heat While Driving a Golf Cart Florida

You truly have not lived if you have not discharged a hand gun whilst driving a golf cart Florida on a hot summer day. Yes, one can claim to have lived a full life never having driven a golf cart in combination with firing a handgun but when we search our souls we know there is no way that this can actually be true. Does it not say in the Bible that man does not live on bread alone? Indeed it does say that and it says this for the specific reason that man can live on bread but he must also drive a golf cart while firing a handgun.


What is this connection I speak of? What is this connection between golf carts in Florida and hand guns? As is the case with all things we experience in reality, reducing them to words on a page of paper hardly does justice to the true essence of the thing. This is true because words are mere reflections of the things they describe and as such can never fully capture what they truly are. As Saint Paul tells us, “now we see in a mirror darkly but then we shall see face to face.”

Never forget that mirrors were not as good in Saint Paul’s day as they are today. So when he says we see as in a mirror darkly he is talking about a poor quality reflection. He is at least talking about a reflection that is of lesser quality than a reflection that us modern people are used to seeing in a standard mirror. As such when we discuss the connection between driving a golf cart in Florida in combination with discharging a handgun we must be cognizant of the fact that we cannot truly capture the full meaning of this.