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Know Here About The New OCP and the Changes in the OCP Patches

OCP Uniforms

The new OCP comes with a new uniform pattern without any traces of grey or blue colors. The new OCP uniforms are good to look at with camouflaging features in shades of light brown, tan, and dark brown.

The Airmen are expected to wear the latest by April 2021 this OCP uniform. Anticipating this switch, the OCP uniforms are issued to the new members in their basic training. Now, the Reserve Officer Training Corps and Officer training schools are also making use of the new uniforms.

It is apparent that some Airmen are not pleased about this switch of their uniforms, though it offers the best benefits such as:

  • They get to blend easily with the other members in the service easily in combat and as they are deployed overseas.
  • This new uniform creates a unified look as the branches are battling and conducting joint missions.
  • The new OCP uniforms are more comfortable than the ABUs, the former uniform. In fact, the new OCP can be worn without any discomfort in a variety of climates.

OCP Patches

Airmen can wear their existing black and green uniforms featuring the flag patches of the United States until 1 June 2020. They have to replace the flag replacing the flag in spice-brown such that it matches the OCP new color scheme. This uniform will not be permitted to wear with infrared flags with the OCP new uniform, and no color patches will also be allowed to be added but for special circumstances.

The black and green patches as higher headquarters may be worn latest by April 2021. However, the new OCP uniform and the Air Force patch color rollout is expected to be completed by that time. These patches may be in new locations on the new OCP. The squadron patch will be on the right sleeve right below the U.S. flag. There will be two patches maximum on the right arm. The left sleeve will have a higher headquarters patch sitting in the center.